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Elevate HR Video Marketing: 20 Innovative and Engaging Content Ideas

Explore 20 innovative and engaging content ideas to elevate HR video marketing and enhance your strategy. Boost your HR brand now!

Elevate Your HR Video Marketing: 20 Innovative and Engaging Content Ideas

Video marketing isn’t just about flashy ads and viral content. When used right, it can elevate the often underappreciated field of HR to new, invigorating heights. If you’re in HR and looking for new ways to engage your audience, you’re in the right place. As a seasoned creative director at a video production agency, I’m going to share 20 innovative content ideas that have transformed HR communication for our clients.

1. Onboarding Videos

Remember the confusing and somewhat overwhelming feeling of starting a new job? Reduce this stress with an engaging onboarding video. Highlight key HR policies, company culture, and expectations. Include some testimonials from happy veterans to make the new entrants feel welcomed.

2. Job Description Videos

Swap lengthy job descriptions for concise, catchy videos. A quirky video will attract more suitable candidates than written content.

3. Career Development Content

Showcase opportunities for growth and advancement within your organization. Everyone loves to grow, and a great video demonstrating career paths can engage your workforce and attract external talents.

4. Employee Recognition Videos

Nothing boosts morale like recognition, and capturing such moments in video form is an absolute win. People love sharing their victories; so rest assured, these videos will garner lots of views.

5. Testimonials from Employees

Featuring employees discussing their journeys, growth, and satisfaction is a great idea. Remember to opt for authenticity over scripted content to resonate better with viewers.

6. Training Videos

Leverage video training materials to educate your employees more effectively. Include interactive elements to make the learning process enjoyable.

7. Office Tours

Showcasing your office spaces and facilities is a fantastic idea. These videos give prospective employees a sneak-peek into their future work environment.

8. Behind-the-scenes Videos

Throw some light on your company’s processes and workflows. Behind-the-scenes videos pull back the curtain, fostering authenticity and trust.

9. Company Culture Clips

Show, don’t tell. Sharing snippets of your vibrant company culture helps attract and retain talent. We recall creating a “day in the life” video for a tech firm, and the response was phenomenal!

10. Diversity and Inclusion Videos

Focus on showcasing your diverse workforce and promote inclusivity. Diversity is a significant selling point in today’s global market.

11. Employee-Generated Content

Involve your employees in the video creation process. it can work wonders in terms of engagement and authenticity.

12. Team-building Activity Videos

Showcase your team-building activities to strengthen your company’s work culture portrayal and make your company more appealing to potential hires.

13. Workplace Safety Videos

Safety is paramount, and these videos are a must, especially considering the COVID19 scenario.

14. HR Videos Cued to Holidays/Seasons

Embrace the festive spirit with seasonal videos. Each holiday or season breeds a unique opportunity for creative video content.

15. Leadership Message Videos

Leadership clips can instill a strong sense of vision and purpose. Remember, a connected workforce is an empowered workforce!

16. Recruitment Videos

A well-made recruitment video is your ticket to attracting the crème de la crème talent. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your strengths as an employer!

17. How-To Videos

Whether it’s about claiming medical expenses or filing annual leave – creating easy-to-follow how-to videos can save everyone’s time and effort.

18. Infographics Videos

Present your data and HR stats in an engaging and visually pleasing manner with infographic videos.

19. Remote Work Culture Videos

Considering the rise in remote work lately, creating videos showcasing your remote work culture can be highly beneficial.

20. Video Newsletters

Move over email, video newsletters are the future. It’s a creative, visually engaging approach to fostering communication and trust!

That’s quite a list, isn’t it? But the key aspect to remember here is not just what you say, but how you’re telling it. The right production quality, script, visuals, and edits – these nuances are what elevate a good HR video to a phenomenal one.

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